Outsurcing / Relocation / Delocalization in Canton Ticino (Switzerland)


Why start a business in Canton Ticino (Switzerland) or doing business in Switzerland? The main benefits of outsourcing, relocation or incorporating a company in Canton Ticino (Switzerland) can be summarized as follows:

A) restricted tax burden (among 20% on profit);

B) all justified business costs recognition; for example the cost of the company car is fully deductible over 5 years, as rate for the lease of the car are fully deductible; (about this point, we specify that the company car, with Italian car plate, can also be used by non-residents in Switzerland, as long as they are the directors of the company or employees of the company, who have required the appropriate authorization to the competent Custom Agency);

C) simply and easy bureaucratic and administrative organization;

D) opportunity to preserve (for joint-stock companies) shareholder/company owner’s anonymity by issuing bearer shares (the said anonymity, under certain conditions, can be preserved also for shares, as partner or shareholder, of foreign companies);

E) definitely profitable work costs (like employees company tax burdens, deductions and taxes for the employees); on this point, for example, for an employee subject to the withholding tax, within the limits of wage established by law, the Company shall have a cost for social security charges, deductions and taxes, amounted to 18-20% (example 1: a net salary of about 1.230 Euro, for a single person, with no children and subject to the withholding tax, will involve a total cost for the company and for the employee of about 215 Euro; example 2: a net salary of about 2.370 Euro, for a single person with no children and subject to the withholding tax, will involve a total cost for the company and for the employee of about 990 Euro). It is possible, as well, to employ and subject to the social security contributions required by Swiss law, also employees of the Swiss company, who work also in other countries (as Italy), as long as legal provisions of the European Regulation 883/04 are observed (for example, the employee of a Swiss company, who works in many countries or the same employer, is subjected to the legislative provisions, about social charges, of the resident country if he carries there a substantial part of his activity -at least 25%-);

F) Labor market flexibility;

G) GDP constantly increasing;

H) Canton Ticino’s (Switzerland) strategic position, in the middle of Europe, well served by motorways, railway lines and airports;

I) Switzerland and Canton Ticino’s politic, economic and legal stability;

L) banking secrecy;

M) Swiss franc safety and stability;

G) Swiss Company image and prestige.

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